music, music, music… and canoes.

So Friday night, Hank and Bo and I played a set for the folks doing the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life event at the UVic stadium! It was awesome! I don’t know if everyone liked what we did, but most seemed to, and and it was cool to support such a good event.

Saturday I did the second canoe course. Besides the fact that things got off to a strange start, it was great! Canoing is  pretty cool, I gotta say. So when I got to the meeting place, nobody was there. I thought maybe they went to the lake, so I went there. But when I got to the main beach, there was nobody there either. So I phoned my friend Chris who said there was another spot further down the road… after getting there and looking around, I saw them! Out on the water! So one of the instructors paddles back in and is surprised to see me – “Hi! So where’s your dad?!” ..uuhhh what? ummm… my dad?  And then I remember there was a young guy there last week with his dad, so I say, no I’m Scott… I was with my friend Chris last week, and that other young guy was Chris.

I should also say last week, she couldn’t keep me and Chris straight. For the record, this is not the first time this has happened, to me and Chris.  Other people in other places at other times have not been able to keep straight Chris and I. The best thing is, the only physical characteristic that Chris and I share, is that we are tall. And he is taller than I. We don’t look anything alike, we don’t talk similarly… except for the smart ass comments… We don’t even dress the same way. Whatever….

So after determining who I was, then she forgets that I signed up for this course too. And they sent an email out because they changed the meeting time… but they didn’t send it to me! This is after I had got my parent’s canoe loaded onto my car (thanks Beth!) and driven it out and everything.  So, long story short they let me join in late, and it was good! Yay Canoing!  (that’s how the spell check says to write it, but it doesn’t look right to me?!)

So this morning, Hank and Bo and I played blue-grass-y gospel-y music at church. Not only was it fun, people seemed to really like it! Yay music – it makes people feel good!

Happy Father’s day!

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