This is OfERR’s head office. Although feeling a bit tired, we have been meeting with and getting an orientation to OfERR’s work.
A couple of quick facts for you :

– OfFER started in 1984

– Currently they work with around
69,000 Tamil refugees from Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu province, India, spread over 115 camps.

– PWRDF has been a funding partner for a number of OfFERR’s projects.

OfERR does an amazing amount of work with a lot less resources than seems reasonable considering what they get done. Education, health, youth work, empowerment, vocational training, advocacy, mental health & counseling,
Self-help, and disaster relief.

That’s right,  disaster relief. OfERR, an organisation for refugees and almost entirely staffed by the refugees it serves helped with disaster relief to their Indian neighbours after the 2004 tsunami hit the east coast of India.


That’s about all I have time for right now but tonight we are taking a night train to Trichy! 

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