This is India

So the first thing I have to say is the traffic is insane. One would have to be an insanely good driver to drive here. Our minibus swerved to not kill a motorcyclist that drovebrifht in frontbof us. We did not sir and the mini bus managednto only drive over a curb sized median. The driver jumped out, checked.the.vehicle, tore a strip of the motorcyclist, and they came to an agreement to pay for the damage. That was yesterday. Today our mini bus was pulled over 3 times by traffic police …. because they were looking for bribe money, not because of actual traffic violations.  This is India.

The rest of the week has been a blurry whirlwind, and a good one. We have visited 2 Refugee camps, OfERR’s Trichy office and their farm,  which is also where they produce Spirulina for sale! 

At the camps we have met some amazing people and heard some difficult stories. The first camp we visited was in an especially bad way because a 3 year old child had been accidentally electrocuted and died that morning.  We heard stories of lives on hold and hopes for a better future without violence, persecution, discrimination and racism. 

The issues are complex and at the same time they are not. People just want a chance to live. Its all any of us want.

Because I am typing this with my thumbs on my phone and because some of the OfERR youth want to show us a documentary they have made I will leave it there for now. I will write a LOT more later and also hopefully explain things in a bit more detail.

We leave for Sri Lanka tomorrow and a lot more to learn and see.


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