Journey home

So this was our last day in Colombo.
It has been a very eventful trip and we have met some very amazing people. Heard some heart breaking and difficult stories, seen some amazing land and learned an incredible amount about a very complex situation.  I do not feel as though I have a firm grasp on it. Opinions a’plenty but there is so much more to this than opinions!

Racism, ethnic tension, pressure, violence, war, division, loss, fear, uncertainty, death – living through all of that for 30 years has an effect on a nation. Even though a victor is proclaimed, there are no victors, only losers,  and those who lose the most are always the innocents caught in the middle. Whether its Africa or Central America, South America or Asia, or even at home, with respect to the innocents one thing is certain, they always lose.
The point of this trip, the point of my entire faith and the hope that it fills me with is the hope and belief that death does not have the last word over life, and that we have the ability and are empowered to live that hope and faith out – to share it and not keep it for ourselves, and to be open always for others sharing it with us. This has only been reinforced by seeing the refugee camps in India and the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps and resettlement villages in Sri Lanka.
We don’t do this blindly or happy hazardly though, it has to be smart and informed and effective advocacy. We have to be willing to ask the questions of partners, of others and especially of ourselves.

Its time to get on the plane and I will write a lot more later!

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