Commit :: Lent – a beginning


I have not written here in well over a year.

Ash Wednesday was two days ago now, and Lent has begun.

A number of people that I know are giving up Social Media and online usage for lent.

Because of that (and in considering the various other things that people give up for Lent like coffee, chocolate, beer, etc) I feel a bit strange in writing that I am seeking to do the opposite. I am seeking to re-engage with blogging, and to use Social Media better, and possibly more – to connect more with people, to better live into those connections.

I have been working on a Lenten resource called – Commit::Lent.

I have taken the gospel reading for all 40 days of Lent and assigned a challenge based on the readings. I honestly don’t know if I am going to be able to do it all myself, but I am going to try.

Day 1 – Commit :: Peacemaking.

Day 2 – Commit :: Evangelism

Day 3- Commit Advocacy

I am still stuck at what I am going to do to commit peacemaking. So you know my job is as a priest. I saw a dying person, and a sick person in the hospital, prayed with them, shared Eucharist, and tried to lift their spirits, but that is the kind of thing that is normal for me. I am trying to think beyond the things I usually do.

This is the point at which I realize that what I have made with Commit :: Lent is hard.
Good, cause if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be worth doing.
I was thinking of writing a letter about the situation in Ukraine. I was thinking about how to give peace through my words and actions. I am still trying to figure it out.
I haven’t even started on Evangelism and Advocacy yet. This is going to take some time. That’s good, because there are still 37 days. I’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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