Day 10 – Sabbath. Hurray for that good ol’ “Protestant work ethic. ” I am not saying it’s not important to work and work hard, but there is a difference between being a crabby, grumpy, tired, over-worked, person (speaking from personal experience) and someone who knows how to rest and take time with family, friends and meet strangers and make new relationships (trying to be). Time and space to breathe and pray. Sabbath.

It is more than an idea, it is a practice, and a spiritual one that needs to be practiced (obvious, but not). It is really, really, really easy to be busy. I know, I am really, really, really good at it. (Someone has done up a giving up busyness for lent program even!) The problem is, how long does it take before everyone knows that you are so busy that you are too busy for them because you have so much to do – Answer – not very long. and then people move on to find someone who is less busy, and can give them the time.

What I am working on is giving my family and friends and myself the time. It takes work.

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