All over Facebook today I see Jon Stewart’s monologue about the shooting in the church in South Carolina.
I am gladdened that so many people are seeing his as a voice of reason – I too think he is one.

My question today is that if so many of us agree with him, …. Then why?

Why are we in such a state and a place as this?

If we are thinking caring humans who want to be happy and healthy and seek to have the best interests of all, then, why?

Yes bad things happen – tragedies occur, and we help each other through.
But the ones that we can stop before they even start – the ones that never have to be, the ones that we create ourselves –  why?

Why can’t we be better? Whether it’s this kind of senseless violence, violence against women, violence against anyone, hatred, racism (institutional and individual) individual), prejudice, any ‘ism’ you can think of…..

WTF is wrong with us all?
We are better than that!

We are not animals, we are human beings.
We are not hard wired for anything except life.
So why can’t we just live? Why can’t we just take care of the world that gives us life? Why can’t we just take care of each other who sustain each other and support each other in life?


No more greed, or hatred or narcissistic self interest. No more jealousy, betrayal, willful ignorance or excuses. No more violence to anyone or anything.



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