gigs and canoes

Been a pretty eventful last just over 24 hour period. Played a gig that went pretty well all things considered. We had people up dancing and hooting and hollering and generally having a good time! Despite me deciding that “time” was not needed in a couple of spots in  a couple of songs! Hooray for people being more into fun , and less into looking for and hanging onto mistakes!

Part two of today/yesterday was I woke up at 7:00am after gig night, to get up and go take a canoe course, which kicked ass! Not easy stuff steering a canoe, but I learnt that it is about finesse and not muscling the paddle strokes that steers the boat….. unless the person sitting in the bow weighs considerably more than you, and then all bets are off! Heave ho and try and go straight! Yeah right! It rained all day, but it was awesome…. anyone want to go canoe-ing?

After leaving my phone at Chris and Anke’s house, and going to retrieve it, I met up with Hank and Suko, after taking a detour to try and convince Bo and Gen to come out, but to no avail, to celebrate last nights musical exploits and to generally just hang out and shoot the breeze… you know creative ways to kill yourself and go out with a bang – such as driving a hot-rod over a cliff or into a wall, with your trusty Gretsch in the backseat, surrounded by empty hard liquor bottles. Or, if you don’t like that, swan-diving into a live volcano, surrounded by something out of a TIKI nightmare/fantasy (depending on who you are?) – Polynesian dancers, drummers, and shamans celebrating your being toasted to a fine crisp in the lava.  Speakeasies, cell phones, swindlers, con-artists… you know the usual Saturday night discussion topics!

Time for bed…. but its nice to get out… even for an introvert like me.

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  1. If you ever need a canoe buddy… I more or less grew up in the things. Never learned to kayak, but I can stern a canoe something fierce.

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