January 16th ….

Creator God, you have gifted us with mysterious potential. Within each of us are the seeds of so much promise. Help us open to those who help us believe in ourselves and to answer your call to serve with all that we are. In the name of Christ we ask, Amen.
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What are you looking for? Those words of Jesus to two of John’s disciples who had started to follow him – both in the literal sense and in the figurative sense. They were looking to follow Jesus – to learn from him, and to follow in his footsteps. They wanted him for a teacher, to teach them how to live, how to pray, how to be.

That is what we want, at least I think that’s what we want? I think that we want to learn how to live, how to pray and how to be. I think that like them, we want a teacher, we want to follow in the footsteps of the Messiah – the Lamb of God, the Son of God. We want to be close to God and to know that God is close to us. Like the psalmist in psalm 40 we want to sing a new song, a song of praise, a story of good news and rescue.

But sometimes when we look at the world around us, when we read and hear the news, stories of floods, mudslides and other disasters, of violence and unrest, of disease, of sorrow, sometimes our songs and our elation and our inspiration get caught, or stop. And we think – now what? But in Scripture, in the psalms, in the gospels, in the letters, in the prophets and the other books, there are stories like those we read and hear in the news. But there is always the constant reminder to follow, and to sing a new song – a song that does not dismiss what is happening around us, but actually sees God at work in what is going on around us, and reminds us to hear and to read the stories of promise, and rescue and return. In the midst of whatever is happening, we do have joy to offer! We do have good news to tell. We are not the lone voice in the emptiness, but we are a chorus, trying to bring joy to our own lives, and to the lives of those around us – to be part of the building up of God’s kingdom! Let us follow, let us see where our Saviour is going, so that we may stay with him, stay with God and learn, and sing! Amen!

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