Honda – you make reliable machinery.

I took my bike to the shop today for its 12, 000 km service. First of all, it cost me less than 200. For a major service, I don’t remember my last bike costing me less than 300. Apparently my rear tire only has 1000 or less kms left on it, but that is supposedly due to long straight hot stretches of highway 101 on my recent trip down to the states. So, that’s not bad. At all.

So again, thank you Honda for making a reliable machine that doesn’t nickle and dime me the way that my last bike did.

In other bike news, I have found a new seat. Now, why would I need a new seat? There is nothing wrong per se with the one I have – but the new one will be more comfortable, and better for long distances! AWESOME! It is a Corbin, and some friends who are going down to the states are bringing it back for me. It is a little used, but not much, and is costing me less than half of buying one new. So I’m a happy camper! And soon so will my ass be much happier on longer rides! -not that it was that bad before, but comfort is good in that kind of a situation! This is the seat I am getting:

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